Cesar Ornelas: The Value of Discipline And Hard Work

Born in Kyle, Texas, Cesar Ornelas is a first-generation college graduate and is a first-generation attorney. licensed as an attorney...
dr jay feldman Rex Fitness

Dr. Jay Feldman: Brings Fitness Into Homes With Low Incomes

Dr. Jay Feldman is a medically trained Osteopathic doctor, professional college volleyball player, and serial entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, with a love...
Foreign Policy Goals

Alex Djerassi: Tools For Achieving Foreign Policy Goals

Foreign policy refers to how a country interacts with other countries in the international community. It entails a government setting...
Importance of Entrepreneurship

Jesse Jhaj: Importance of Entrepreneurship In Under Developed Countries

A company leader who is also an entrepreneur looks for fresh ideas to apply in order to boost economic growth...

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