You’ve heard of MP3 Juices Android app. There was also an app through the Google Play Store, but it has been discontinued and you aren’t able to find it on Google Play Store anymore. It is possible to download the APK files of MP3 Juices application, and install it on you Android Smartphone or tablet, however, the application fails to start without error each attempt. Therefore, the site is the only way to download the free music. There’s a website that’s similar called which gives you the download link there too, however when you click it, you’ll be directed onto Google Play Store. Google Play Store to download an app which could be quite irritating.

MP3 Juice functions as a Music Downloader, however they are a web-based application only. However, it is able in order to download Music documents to Android Devices via any internet browser.

MP3 Juice: Free Music Download site

MP3Juice is arguably the best site to download music for free. Their unique user-friendly algorithm allow download of music from many sources. You can browse music using a particular source. There are ten Music Search Sources that you can select when searching for every music track. They are effective and popular with users. If you don’t locate a music track here, you are likely to find it nowhere other than here. utilizes the following 10 engines for search to help you find Music files

  • YouTube.Com
  • SoundCloud.Com
  • Yandex.Com
  • PromoDJ.Com
  • Archive.Org
  • VK.Com
  • 4shared.Com

What Search Engine to select from the 10

As we have mentioned there are ten search engines you can choose from. You can pick all of them if you’d like. But, Yandex and 3DI both are ineffective and produces almost no results. The most effective 2 Search Engine to select is YouTube and SoundCloud. These two search engines should be sufficient to locate any music file you’d like to download and are also the default choices when you visit the site. If the search result comes directly from YouTube it is possible to play the video as well as listen to it and if it’s from SoundCloud you can listen to the music prior to downloading the files. It will help you determine if you will download the right track or not. You will also be able identify and download the top music with a high-quality sound.

How do I utilize the Mp3 Juice website to search for Mp3 music files, and then download them

Go to from your web browser

Enter the song’s name that you want to search for

Click the to manage sources option, then select the sources you would like MP3Juice to use to look up music

Sources can be chosen or de-selected by clicking (or tapping if you are using mobile devices)

Then, press on the Search button.

Don’t confuse HTML0 with a similar site (

Mp3Juice.Site is another site which lets users download music for free. However, they do not allow you to browse music files via YouTube, SoundCloud etc.. There is a restricted quantity of music files which are downloadable and playable.

Is there an alternative application that works with the MP3 Juice web site

If you’re not keen to sign up for a website, and are you are looking for an application is able to be installed onto the Android Phone, then Music Paradise is the option to test. Music Paradise application is free to download and is only available exclusively for Android only. It lets you search Music within applications, and then download the apps. Therefore, you won’t have to be to use any web browser. Music Paradise app also allows listening to music prior to you download. It can be used as a Music Downloader and Music Player.

Note: We do not have any affiliation in any way with website, nor with the Music Paradise Pro app. Downloading content that is copyright protected using these applications could lead to legal actions against you. There are still a lot of royalty-free music tracks which can be downloaded with this application.

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