It may be somewhat of a surprise that there are currently quite some locations where nudists can take pleasure in revealing themselves like nature intended in Africa, as the majority of Africa is quite conservative in its social stance and traditional. Yet, South Africa, Mauritius and Namibia have designated spots for social nudity. South Africa currently has the most significant number of nudist beaches and social sites in Africa, even though, strictly speaking, public nudity remains illegal. But, some areas are identified as “Official Nudist Areas”, where you can go naked without fear of being a target for prosecution. Even at beaches that are not officially licensed, you won’t have any issues with the law. If you are at ease with your body and would like to feel the pleasure of hanging out on holiday in Africa, here are our top 10 places to visit.

Nudism Africa: Mpenjati Beach















Mpenjati Beach is located 140 kilometres south of Durban and was for the last two years a famous “unofficial nudist beach. However, in 2015, it was declared the initial “official” nudist beach and the 500-metre stretch of sand, as well as the nudists who frequent this beach – especially during Easter weekend Easter Holiday weekend – are the site of soccer and other sack racing. The town council responsible for the region has declared that there is no chance of being arrested here and that there is no reason to be concerned about being arrested. The property also comes with the advantage of being in a private, tranquil spot on the coastline within the Mpenjati Nature Reserve.

Nudism Africa: Sandy Bay

Nude Africa Sandy Bay














Sandy Bay is another well-known beach for nudists, situated within Cape Town. It was also famous during the period of Apartheid, in which attitudes to the practice of being naked were more strict and still are until today. It’s not easy to access as it is a 20-minute walk from the closest parking lot or a shorter 10-minute climb over the rocks if you are strong and fit enough. However, it is the solitude that is the reason it is so popular and also what makes it an excellent place for nudists to retreat. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes, which gives additional security.

Nudism Africa: Secrets Beach

Nude Africa Secrets Beach














It is located just a stone’s throw of Port Elizabeth – called “The Friendly City”- with a view of Cape Recife Lighthouse, which is often referred to as Secrets Beach and, to some locals, ‘Shelly Beach’. Dunes and bushes surround it; it is entirely private from all directions, which is why it is still a popular spot. Even during the oppressive apartheid era, the terrain gave nudists plenty of warnings if the police came near to allow them to hide or leave without being punished. Nowadays, however, the rules are much more tolerant and open in South Africa, and you won’t be faced with this issue here.

Nudism Africa: Light House beach

Nude Africa Light House Beach














The beach is situated in the area between Port Alfred and East London. It’s a very private beach and is not accessible, and it is ideal for relaxation and privacy. However, it also means that you shouldn’t be naked there if there aren’t other naked people around since it can make the beach a potential victim of criminals. To get here, walk 3-4km downhill, along a bush trail and up the vast dune until you reach the beach. The most popular time for visiting is believed to be during December. However, it’s not very popular or crowded, which makes it ideal for those who prefer to be naked. There were rumours that authorities were planning to officially declare it a nudist beach by 2014, but nothing has been confirmed yet, but it may happen soon.

Nudism Africa: Sun Eden Naturist Resort

Nude Africa Sun Eden Naturist Resort














It is located about 50 km away from Pretoria; Sun Eden is an exclusive resort situated on private property specifically for those who are nudists. Since it’s on personal property, there is no chance of being prosecuted, but what makes it a piece of cake is that it’s located just 4 km from the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve. It means that with more than 100 bird species and a variety of species of flowers and trees, and the possibility of safari, it is an ideal spot for a naked in South Africa. The resort has an outdoor swimming pool and a clubhouse with bars, restaurants and a convenience store—the perfect place to spend a vacation for non-smokers.

Nudism Africa: Harmony Nature Farm















Harmony Farm is situated within the Magaliesburg mountains’ cliffs, located in the North West Province of South Africa. A separate resort exclusively for non-nudists, the resort has bar facilities, an outdoor and indoor heated pool, and animals to be enjoyed like Zebras.

Nudism Africa: Hooting Owl Guesthouse















The self-catering guesthouse for nudists is constructed using the classic African Bush-Veld Lodge style. It is located along the shoreline, close to Marina Beach, on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast, about 2 hours from King Shaka International Airport in Durban. Marina Beach is genuinely distinctive and even dubbed “The Honolulu of the South Coast”, located in a subtropical forest that offers views of the valley and various birds to admire. It has a vast 6-sleeper cabin with three bedrooms with bathrooms, a three-bedroom eight-sleeper cottage and an open-plan honeymoon cottage. It means there’s plenty of room for everyone. Security is a top priority at this location, with a home alarm system connected to the Maser Armed Response and an electronic gate for security. Another of the most appealing aspects of this location is its LGBT welcoming too.

Nudism Africa: Bare Necessities















With such a humorous description, Bare Necessities shouldn’t surprise you with its excellent naturist-friendly hotel. It’s on a dairy farm, where owners produce their cheese. The farm has two rooms and a campsite ideal for people who enjoy camping or those looking to save money. There are horses you can ride on this farm. Or bring your own along with other animals. The site also houses an in-ground pool. The site is close to Suurraak village, located in the Langeberg Mountains: The pass which leads to the town is home to several natural pools. This village is unique, with the inhabitants still living a lifestyle, cooking on stoves that burn wood and using donkey-ploughs and horses for transportation. The structures are incredibly well-preserved in a way that is like walking into the past. Biking and hiking trails are plentiful around the site and the village itself, which remains untouched by modernization.

Nudism Africa: Southern Skies Personal Safaris, Namibia















This exclusive site in the Namibian desert – known as Tsauchab River Camp – gives nudists champagne breakfasts and a hot-air balloon ride: Nudism in a luxury setting. The camp is an icy Oasis that is guaranteed that you stay cool during the scorching midday heat of Namibia. It’s so private that the milky way is beautiful at night. The hiking possibilities are plentiful, with the region being surrounded by deep ravines, desert dunes, bushland and deserts, which was the place of residence for the famed Namibian bushmen.

Nudism Africa: Cap Malheureux, Mauritius















It is located on the northern shores of Mauritius. The beach is beautiful with its white sandy beach and crystal clear water, which is a great starting point for various activities like speed boat excursions to nearby islands, lighthouses or Round Island, which is an animal sanctuary, as well as Coin de Mire. Cap Malheureux is a good beach for swimming, and quite close to the village, it is charming and most famous for its red-tiled church, La Notre Auxiliatrice. While full nudity isn’t permitted at the moment, sunbathing with no tops is allowed.

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